Triplett Herander Residence

  • Location Dade City, FL
  • Space Living
  • Awards AIA Florida – 1998 Award for Excellence in Design; AIA Tampa Bay – 1997 Honorable Mention

  • Description

    Located on 15 acres of a gently rolling hillside, the property overlooks an environmentally sensitive prairie. Positioned at the high point of the site, this 2,200 square foot house bridges the expansive view of the prairie with the densely wooded forest to the north and west. The composition of the house generates from a longitudinal spine which programmatically serves as the horizontal and vertical circulation element. The southeast end of the axis takes advantage of a special view of an old silo in a distant valley while the northeast end culminates in private balcony off the master bedroom facing a dense forest.

    In an effort to achieve a “barn like” language, open volumes were created to receive light and capture views from multiple orientations. The exterior and interior structural components are clearly expressed and presented in an 80 inch rhythm which became a vocabulary for detailing decisions throughout the project.